Attention Aesthetics Professionals:

Discover tried & true ways to attract your dream clientele and charge more for your services.

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Building your dream clientele and being paid what you deserve is something all beauty professionals want, but the question is, HOW do we get there?

With the right tools, knowledge, strategy, and a simple guide for how to do it, you’ll be there in no time. I can teach you how.

A loyal clientele that repeatedly comes back to you…
Clients who refer their friends to you...
Ways to stop grinding day in and day out, trying to get new customers...
To be paid what you DESERVE to be paid for your services...
To work a more flexible schedule that’s better for you and your family...
Balance between work and life (yes, it’s possible to make good money and still have a life)...
Work to feel more fulfilling and bring you happiness instead of dread…
To feel less burnt out and EXCITED every time you get to work...


Whether you are just barely starting out in your field or have been at it for a while and feel stagnant, there are some things you need to know:

I’m Lyndie!

I’m the owner of Lash Affirmation. After I finished my lash certification I immediately rented my own space to pursue my lash career with zero clients. That. Was. Terrifying. I spent SO much time and money figuring out HOW to build my business and there were A LOT of growing pains. But I’ve learned the tricks and strategies all aesthetics pros need to build a dream clientele and get paid what we are worth. All while being a mom and provider.

As I went through all those growing pains, learning things from how to set boundaries with clients, how to raise my rates and actually get more clients because of it, when to say yes to day off, how to improve my mental health, I realized - these things need to be shared. It needs to be shared with other artists who desperately need to find balance and re-find the joy they lost in their career.

INTRODUCING: How To Grow Your Aesthetics Business

The tools, strategies, and step-by-step plan to build your dream clientele, make more money, and find balance in your life and business.

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So what’s inside the course?:

In this course we start with building a strong foundation. How to get rid of your limiting beliefs (ya know those thoughts that keep creeping into your mind, telling you lies like you’re charging too much or you need to work more, etc.).

Stepping out of your comfort zone so you can fully show up as yourself, attracting your dream clients. The ins and outs of building a social platform - Social media is so powerful, we know this, but HOW do you use it to grow your business? You’ll learn all my tips and tricks that have driven me to 6-figures. You’ll discover how to charge what you're worth. I’ll give you my process to deliver the perfect experience for your clients so they keep coming back and they bring their friends to see you. How to create a balanced life and live more intentionally. This course is here to teach you how to take your business to the next level.

Here's a sneak peak at the table of contents:

table of contents

I know the struggle of trying to build a loyal clientele while charging what I am worth. I wish I knew what I know now, when I was getting started. I could have made so much more money, worked a lot less, and built this business to what it is, faster. I also know what it feels like to hit a roadblock within my business and feel stagnant. I want to help you get past whatever roadblocks you may have.

I was a single mom when I started my lash journey. To say my journey has been easy would be a lie. I know what it feels like to be at the bottom and on the top. My business has pushed me in ways I never thought were possible. But through this journey I have obtained so much information and knowledge, I know what works and what doesn’t work. Lashing has changed my life… in the best way possible! This can be true for you as well!

Imagine this for a moment: You wake up, have messages from prospective and current clients wanting to book. They accept the fact you’re raising your rates and are thrilled to be able to keep working with you. You have a plan for what to create and post on your social media channels. You take more days off in a week than you work. You are a boss, confident in your business decisions and making moves that are setting you apart from your competitors. Your old self-limiting beliefs that held you back have all but disappeared. Your life is not dictated by someone else - only by you. Financial freedom is your new normal.

Can you imagine how good that will feel? This is a description of my life.

That’s why I made this course - I know how it feels to be stuck and stagnant in the business. I figured out how to get out of that and now, put everything I know inside this course. I’m so excited for you to do it!

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Many beauty industry pros think business is always just “supposed to be” a grind. We are conditioned to believe that it’s always going to be hard.

If you go work for yourself… If you start charging more… If you take a day off… If you spend less time on social media… “Your business will fail.” This just is not true, my friend.

This course is going to force you out of your comfort zone (don’t worry, this is such a good thing). The exercises inside the course are designed to get you to act and move in the direction you want to be headed - towards financial freedom and freedom with your time.

We can know all the things but execution is power and that is where the magic happens. That’s what this course helps you to do - execute, not just learn.

I believe you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of having. Investing in yourself and your business is the fastest way to reach your goals of financial freedom. I’m so excited for your journey and am thrilled to be able to guide you.

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